To assist to at least 5 appointments for a total ceramic restoration is a thing of the past. With our

CEREC CAD/CAM technology it is possible to restore highly Esthetic and resistant restorations

in 1 appointment.

We start with a digital impression which elaborates a virtual cast. The restorations are based on

natural human anatomy on each patient. This information is then passed on to a milling machine

that carves the restoration in a ceramic block. Finally the dental technician gives a personal touch in

order to have an end product with perfect adaptation, biocompatible and with unsurpassed levels of

world class quality.

Our 3D x-ray is quick and easy: in only 10 seconds, we acquire a complete overview of the oral,

jaw and dental area by means of a quick scan. We use this precise and much more

comprehensive information in planning treatments and obtaining better diagnostics

We offer comprehensive dentistry services in the convenience of one friendly office. There is no

need to be referred from office to office to receive all of your dental treatment. No costly referral fees or

repeat paperwork is necessary.

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Ask for our all included plan (Hotel, transport, treatment) 


- Individual implant full restauration included zirconia or disilicate  crown: 950 US dollars

- Bone graft by zone (aprox two teeth): 250 US included particle bond

- All on four or IHDE implants included prosthesis in three days 5.600 US dollars all included

- Sinus lift: 650 US apron, included bone

- Zirconia or disilicate crown: 290 US dollars

- Lumineers: 290 US dollars

- Composites or fillings one surface 35 US dollars, aditional surface 10 US 

- Bleaching: 230 US, Zoom technic, included led lamp and home bleaching, stabilization color and remineralization
















You'll find as intraoral camera technology , smile design software , computerized anesthesia , ultrasound, profiflex , endogriper and apex locator , dental whitening unit and impantologíc devices , besides conventional curing lamps and LED

Center for Radiological studies orthodontics and implantology , panoramic radiographs , periapical and scans.


work with the best dental laboratories in Bogota, with trained technicians in Europe and the United States of America to provide the highest quality treatments.

If you have a review to know the price of your treatment, we will give a free consultation. Please call for an appointment first or write to


Ask for our all included plan (Hotel, transport, treatment) 



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